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Viver Cascais card – how to use bus transport for free


The municipal council of Cascais informed that due to some technical issues its free
transportation program would officially come into effect only in April.

In February and March Cascais residents, students, and employees will be still entitled to use public buses with a free ticket obtained onboard. From April onwards only Viver Cascais cardholders will travel for free.

But don’t wait too long, and apply for your card asap as MobiCascais officials are already swamped with applications from passengers. Portal Cascais will help you go through the application process.

What is a Viver Cascais card for free bus rides?

A Viver Cascais card allows passengers to use public buses within the whole municipality of
Cascais for free. The card is a part of the Free Transportation Program (Programa de
Mobilidade Gratuita) launching this year by the Cascais municipal council.

Who is entitled to get this card?

First of all, no, you don’t have to be a Portuguese citizen to become a Viver Cascais holder.
Anyone who lives, works or studies in the municipality can apply for the card.

How can I get one?

The easiest way is to do it online. Let’s list all the steps you will need to pass, to send your

1. Go to this page (link: https://vivercascais.mobicascais.pt/register), to create an account.
If you already have an account on MobiCascais website, you might need new
credentials when applying for a free rides card. (If you don’t understand Portuguese,
on this step we recommend using tools like Google Translate extension for Chrome).

You will be simply asked to fill the boxes with your first (nome) and last (apelido)
names, Portuguese tax number (NIF), and mobile phone number (telemóvel). Then
you will have to give your email address, create password, and then type your
password again.

Note: Only 9 digit telephone number will be accepted, no country code is needed.

2. If you made the previous step correctly, you will receive an email saying “Conta
confirmada com sucesso” with a blue Entrar button on the bottom. Click on it and…

3. …And you will be on a log-in page. Type in your email and password now, and click on
“Entrar” again.

4. Now click on Requisitar in a Subscrições section at the bottom of the page.

5. You will be supposed to read terms and conditions now. Confirm that you did it by
ticking a relevant checkbox and proceed by clicking on “Seguinte”.

6. You will be asked to provide some more of your details: date of birth (data de
nascimento), full address in Cascais municipality (in this order: postal code, town and
street name, building number, door number).

7. Then you will need to choose if you apply as a resident, an employee or a student.
After you do so, upload a relevant document in pdf format, click on “Anexar”, and then
“Requisitar”. What documents are accepted?

Residents – any bill with your name and address provided in the previous step (internet,
electricity, phone, etc.), proof of address issued by your civil parish (Junta de freguesia) or
local finance office (Finanças).

Note: If you have access to Finanças portal, you can get the document there.

Employees – the easiest way would be to ask your Cascais based employer to give you a
certificate proving you work for them or just provide your salary receipt. Freelancers
registered in Cascais might need the document called recibo verde.

Students – student card or official document issued by the school.

Note: Any of the documents mentioned above must have the issue date within the last 3
months. That means valid residency certificates (for example EU citizen card) issued more
than 3 months ago will be rejected.

8. You will be informed by email when your application is accepted, and asked to
upload your picture and pay 7 euros to complete the whole process. Portal Cascais
has learnt that MobiCascais representatives are working hard to verify loads of
applications now, but at the same time, they reassure everyone will receive the card
asap. When your card is ready you will need to go to the desired MobiCascais office
to collect it or wait for a postman if you selected and extra paid regular mail option
during the application process.

9. The cards will be valid for 7 years, but document renewal will be required during this
time. Students and workers – every year, residents – every 2 years.

Which buses are included in the program?

You will be happy to use your card on the board of these buses:

400/401/402/404/405/406/407 / 408– busCas Alvide/ 409/411/412/413/414/415/419/423
/427– busCas Cascais/ 461/462/464/475/ 488– busCas Parede / 490 / 1009– busCas SDR /1010– busCas SDR Norte / 1012– busCas Estoril / 1013– busCas Cascais-Hospital / 1014–
busCas Malveira-Hospital / 1016– busCas Carcavelos / 1017 – busCas Nova SBE / 1018–
busCas Escolar Malveira-Cascais.

But it’s not going to work out with those:
403, 417, 418, 455, 456.

Note: The Viver Cascais card does not apply with CT trains or public bike rentals.

What if I already have another travel card?

If you are already a holder of the Navagante pass, you can use it on the buses listed above, and you will not need a Viver Cascais card. In turn, if you already have a Viver Cascais card, you can top it up with other transport credits within Lisbon Metropolitan Area (for example Navagante pass).

Note: Your CT Pass will not be accepted on board of any bus in Cascais municipality.

More info on MobiCascais website (mostly in Portuguese): https://www.mobicascais.pt/ 


Andrzej Kedzierawski

Profissional journalism and digital marketing

(Born in Poland and lives in Cascais)